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Anti-Fog Spray for your swimming Goggles

One thing that used to really bug me was fogged up swimming goggles. 

I tried the whole human spit in the goggles trick and had mixed results. 

Not good if you are about to launch into a triathlon swim, can’t see where you are going and are surrounded by a large group of other competitors who are out to beat you at any cost.

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Remember that your temperature is probably up while you stand at the start line from anticipation.  This will cause you to fog up fairly quickly.

What you really need is a decent anti-fog spray you can throw in the transition bag and give your swim goggles a quick squirt before you get stuck into the race.  No need to worry about goggles fogging up after that.  I find that a good application will last at least a couple of sessions and then it’s just a case of simply giving the goggles another spray.

No need to worry about goggles fogging up after that.  I find that a good anti fog spray application will last at least a couple of sessions and then it’s just a case of simply giving the goggles another spray.

Our best Anti-Fog Spray for swimming goggles

Cressi Anti-Fog Spray
350+ pumps per bottle.; Dry application.; Long lasting effect.; Capacity: 2.02 oz | 60 ml - 0% alcohol.
Speedo Unisex Swim Goggles Anti-Fog Solution , White
2.6-ounces of liquid cleanser in plastic bottle; Cleans goggles and resists fogging; Use on dive masks to stop fogging
CAT CRAP Anti Fog & Lens Cleaner
Anti Fog & Lens Cleaner
Aqua Sphere Anti-Fog Solution
Convenient Bottle for Easy Application and Storage; Apply to a Already Factory Treated Anti-Fog Coated Lens to Enhance the Effectiveness

Our Top Choice | Jaws Quick Spit Anti Fog Spray

First up we are going to look at Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray.  With Jaws you get the worlds most recognized anti fog spray and it has a long list of uses.  From swimming goggles to dive masks, sports goggles and safety goggles, ski goggles, paintball masks and even binoculars Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray has you covered.

This long-lasting non-toxic spray provides about 200+ applications per bottle.

Tip:  Make sure you rinse out your goggles after you apply this or you may get a stinging irritation after a couple of laps.5 out of 5 stars

A Close Second for Anti Fog Spray

Cressi Anti Fog Spray for Swim Goggles  is next up for review.  Another quality product that will help you in your quest for clear goggles.  Cressi anti fog is a long lasting solution to fogged up swimming goggles.  You might only have to apply this once a week even if you swim regularly.

Tip:  Like all antifog goggle sprays make sure you rinse out your goggles after each application to avoid irritating you eyes.4.5 out of 5 stars

Third Place Anti Fog For Goggles

The final anti fog spray for goggles we are going to discuss is Seasoft SeaVue Concentrated Anti-Fog Pump Spray.  SeaVue also provides a long lasting solution to clear swimming vision.

Tip:  Spray this on your goggles a few minutes before you go swimming for a clear and fog-free view.4.3 out of 5 stars

Anti Fog Spray For Goggles

You certainly have a wide variety of brands available and here we have picked out the top three based on user experience and value for money.  Yep – we know you can use spit and also perhaps baby shampoo as a temporary solution to fogged up goggles but, to be honest on race day you want something you can absolutely rely on.

Think about the fact that you may put your goggles on and take them off a couple of times before you start your race.  This is where the spit/shampoo system fails most of the time.

Do yourself a favor, for under ten dollars you can set your goggles up so there is no need to worry about fogged up lenses while you are flat out in the swim.

Having competed in many multi-sport events one thing I have to rely on is the gear in my bag.  Temperatures are high at the start line and if you look around you will notice quite a few people spitting on, and cleaning out fogged up goggles just before the starting gun goes off.

Being organized and relaxed really helps you concentrate on hitting that personal best you are looking for.  Make sure you can see where you are going by having clear fog-free goggles before you plunge into the water.

This seems like such a simple thing but you will be surprised the next time you are out on the starting line.

The simple solution is a small bottle of anti-fog spray tucked into the corner of you tri bag.  Most swim goggles come with some form of anti-fog coating when they are new.  This wears off over time and cane slowly become a big problem.

We have put together a list of the most popular anti-fog sprays below based on user ratings and reviews to give you an idea of what else is on the market.  One thing is for sure, though.  If you stick to one of the top three brands then you can’t really go wrong.

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