spin class shoes

spin class shoes

The first time I tried a pair of proper spin class shoes I was amazed at the difference.


I have been spinning for years but never thought to invest in a dedicated pair.


I had always used my normal gym runners on the spin bike.  Now I won’t go to a spin class without my spin shoes – And here is why…


Spin Class Shoes – The Benefits of Indoor Bike Shoes


When you pedal a bike with normal shoes you only produce power on the downward motion of each pedal stroke.  By introducing the correct pair of indoor bike shoes you can now produce power at the full 360-degree motion.


The second notable feature is the stiffness of the indoor spinning shoes.  The shoe design has a very solid and stiff base.  This allows you to transfer all you power to the pedal on each stroke.  Standard trainers will flex and mould around the small pedal and you will leak power every time.


The next feature you need to look out for in the grips on the sole.  Standard bike shoes tend to be very smooth on the base and have rubber grippers on the toe and heel only.  Because you are wearing these shoes in the gym and potentially training in them after the spin class you need something suitable.


If you look at these awesome shoes from Pearl Izumi you will notice that apart from looking really cool they have a trainer like sole.  This really helps you get around in the gym.  You can also look to mountain bike shoes for the same reasons.  They take the same cleats and will also have decent rubber soles.

Best Women’s Shoes for Spin Class

spin class shoes

One thing that is very often overlooked when you buy a new pair of indoor spin shoes is a set of cleats.  These cleats are what binds your shoe to the pedals and are a necessity if you decide to invest in proper spin shoes.  The Shimano SM-SH56 SPD Cleat Set is the best option out there and comes in at a very reasonable price.


Here is a quick video as well to show you how to install the cleats yourself.

If you have a favorite pair of spin class shoes or some other vital bit of gym kit that you can’t live without then let us know and we may add them to the list.  We can’t obviously cover off every style here so just picked the ones we feel are top quality for the money.
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