Tri Suits & Gear

You could spend all day looking at the latest gear for triathlon racing. I know we do anyway.

But what do you really need on race day to help you achieve your personal best?

Not as much as some sports marketing companies would have you think…

Here is our most popular kit that you should invest in before you next hit the course.

What to wear under a wetsuit

My very first triathlon race was a day to remember.

Apart from the sheer excitement on race day I also remember not having a clue what to do, where to go or even what to wear.

You learn a lot the first race you compete in and usually, it’s the difference between how fit you think you are and how fit you actually are. 🙂

what do you wear under a wetsuit

I had a million questions I didn’t know the answer to and one of them was what to wear under your triathlon wetsuit. Now, this might seem like a simple question to answer but remember this was my first race and I went alone so didn’t have anybody to ask in advance.

Turned out I was ok as I had invested in a dedicated tri suit so was covered. The one thing that I didn’t know and maybe that was me being a bit stupid but because it was my first race I had never trained in the full setup. As in, wearing my tri suit under my wetsuit and going for a swim training session.

At the time I was under the illusion that my wetsuit would keep everything dry. Well, it didn’t and I got soaked to the skin. My very basic tri suit cost little or nothing so didn’t really dry out during the bike ride. I upgraded my basic tri suit to something a little better quality before the second race.

The reason for this? I wanted something that was quick dry. Wear a soaking wet tri suit on a 40k bike ride in the wind and you will know why this is so important.

What should you wear under your wetsuit?

On race day it will either be a dedicated tri suit or tri specific shorts and a tri top. Remember to invest in something that is quick dry or you will end up numb in places that shouldn’t be numb.

If you go for a tri suit then check out our reviews here –  Mens Tri Suits | Women’s Tri Suits

If you decide to go with dedicated triathlon shorts then check out these reviews here.

When you are training you should also wear your full kit. You want to feel exactly the same on race day as you do when you are training so make sure everything is the same with your setup.

I train with a group of guys now and we all follow the same pattern. In fact, you would nearly think we are heading to a race when we are training. But that is part of the fun. Getting used to everything is much easier during a training session as you have enough to be worried about on race day.

One of the big advantages of this approach is you get to try everything out before the pressure of the race. For example: At one point early in my triathlon racing career I tried to use tri shorts and a separate tri top. Everything looked and felt great until I tried going for a long training swim with it all under my wetsuit.

After the first 500 meters or so I ended up nearly ending my career as a father because the shorts had moved about so much under my wetsuit that they ended up in places that no shorts are designed to go. I had no choice but to stop the training session and change into something else.

If this had of happened on race day I’m not sure if I could have continued on.

Why should you wear your tri suit under your wetsuit at all

The main reason for this is speed in the transition area – T1 – where you transition from the swim to the bike sections of the race.

If you had to take off your wetsuit, wrap a towel around yourself and get dry before you put on your shorts and top you would waste very valuable time in transition when you should be out on the course.

Go to a race as a spectator and watch the athletes as they come out of the water. Most will have their wetsuit half off before they even reach the transition area. You will then see a fine array of tri suits and tops already on the athletes.

They just remove their wetsuits, clip on their helmets and off they go…

Putting your wetsuit on

Another thing I wish I had known on race day was what is the best way to put on your wetsuit – especially when you are already wearing a tri suit or singlet and tri shorts.

I must have had my suit on for an hour before the race started – I was a bit over-enthusiastic, to say the least. Putting on your suit too early actually hampers your performance on race day so leave yourself just enough time before the starting bell to get into your gear.

What you are wearing under your wetsuit doesn’t really have that much to do with how you put it on other than to make sure you don’t let your singlet roll up you back or drag you tri shorts up into your ‘undercarriage’ too much as this helps nobody – ever.

Spread some bodyglide around the neck, pits and cuffs of your wetsuit and use plastic bags over your hands and feet when you are putting the suit on. This saves your nails tearing into the neoprene material. Yes, it does happen a lot so protect your suit every time.

Here is a very handy video by Triathlete showing you the best way to put on your wetsuit.

We hope this quick guide helps you get set up properly before your first triathlon race.

Best Triathlon Aero Bars (Updated)

best triathlon aerobarsThere is a multitude of options available when looking for the best triathlon aero bars for your ride.

Whether you are looking for the most comfortable aero position or get way down into the aero ride, you will have plenty of choice with this selection of the best triathlon aero bars.

You can also spend anything from fifty dollars upwards past eight hundred dollars for a set of tri bars.  It really comes down to what you are comfortable with and how far you can stretch your budget.

Ask yourself this – do you need a set of aerobars for a triathlon…

Is it for a leisurely ride around the park or for a high-speed sprint triathlon.

If you are just out cruising around the park then perhaps not, but if you are getting into triathlon as a sport then we suggest you go for it and even get yourself a set of cheap triathlon aero bars.

You may then progress onto a set of carbon adjustable aero bars as you get into the sport more.

Because of the variety, we have put together this list to get you started in your decision process.  We may not cover all of the best triathlon aero bars but hope you can find something here that suits you.  These are the most popular on the market at the moment.

Our best Triathlon TT Bars for 2018 season

Profile Designs T3+ Carbon Aero Bar
Carbon fiber ergonomic multi-position drop bend extension; 6061-T6 aluminum forged J4 brackets
Redshift Quick-Release Clip-On Aerobars - Aluminum Extensions - S-Bend
Clip-on aerobars attach or remove in seconds, without using any tools.; Part of the Switch Aero System
Profile Designs T2+ Carbon Aero Bar
Carbon fiber S-bend extensions; 6061-T6 aluminum forged J4 brackets; F-35 adjustable anatomic armrests
Profile Designs T2+ DL Aero Bar
ITU draft legal with proper installation; 6061-T6 aluminum extensions and forged brackets; F-19 adjustable anatomic armrests
Profile Designs Legacy Aero Bar, Anodized Matte Black, One Size
Split Extension with low armrest bridges and three mount Positions; Color: Anodized Matte Black
Profile Designs T2+ Carbon Aero Bar, White
Carbon fiber S-bend extensions; 6061-T6 aluminum forged J4 brackets; F-35 adjustable anatomic armrests
Profile Designs T4+ Carbon Aero Bar
Carbon fiber ergonomic shallow angle ski bend extensions; 6061-T6 aluminum forged J4 brackets

What to look for

A great question and the answer is – it depends.

Are you just looking for something for you cruiser that you take on leisurely rides around the countryside then you probably won’t want to invest too much to start off with?

Your first triathlon aero bars can be very basic and most likely made of aluminium. You can pick up a fairly decent set of intro aero bars for about fifty dollars.

The beauty of these is because they are clip-on aero bars you can just take them off if you are not happy with the riding style.

Best Triathlon Aero Bars – National Sprint Champion Winner…

If you are in the market for a new set of aero bars and want to compete at a higher level then you will need something much lighter and sleeker than the intro set above.

You will need to at a minimum consider carbon triathlon aero bars for their massive weight reduction.

Using these aero bars does change a few things though. You will have to spend a few more dollars to get a set of tri bars you can work with, to keep the weight down and to get down and in the full aero position.

Comfort plays a bit part in this too.

Getting set up with a comfortable set is sort of trial and error. Compared to a standard road bike setup the aero position feels a bit odd when you start out. Your position on the bike can play havoc with your ‘saddle’ area so it takes a bit of getting used to. Also, because you are riding in a more forward position on the bike handling becomes a bit more challenging. The benefits of riding in an aero position far outweight your comfort challenges in terms of performance though. Getting aerp shaves valuable time off your race results and is the best way to hit that next personal best.

Watch out as well if you buy a second-hand pair.  Sometimes the previous user will cut down the stems a bit and they may be too short for you.

Aero Bars – Next Stop Ironman.

Taking things up another notch and you start to get into the realms of professional style aero bars.  Again you will be faced with a multitude of options here.

One of our favourites triathlon aero bars are the Zipp Vuka Stealth Aerobar.  These really are an exceptional set of bars and come in at about 800g so light as well.

If you want to look a little deeper into body dynamics and how things work while you are in the saddle then take a look at this excellent video showing off the awesome profile design triathlon aero bars.


 Triathlon Aero Bar benefits.

This is simple really.  It comes down to aerodynamics.

When you are down in the aero position you remove a bit of body mass out of the wind.

We are not the most aerodynamic of creatures so by getting down low you are giving yourself a huge advantage over the opposition.

Cheap to get set up.  You can pick these up fairly cheap secondhand – make sure they have not been cut down though or you might find your arms are too long – you can’t cut them down to suit!!

You might go for a set of clip on aero bars.  These are by far the cheapest and you can adjust them to your size.  They are also easy to remove if you decide against riding with aero bars.

Adding a set of tri bars to your bike changes everything. Just make sure your bike is suitable for this kind of aggressive racing. Th only other addition we would make to this is to add in a decent set of wheels and tires and you are good to go.

Clip On triathlon Aero Bars

Another option available to you is to get yourself a set of clip on aero bars for a road bike and this is a great introduction into real triathlon racing. Having a more aero position helps you on race day. It’s not easy to start off with but once you get used to this position you will be glad you made the switch.

Using a set of clip ons transform your standard road bike into a racing machine – well sort of anyway. It’s definitely going to help you with race times and overall fitness.

This keeps the cost way down as you don’t have to invest in a dedicated triathlon bike when starting out and you can remove the bar extensions if they do not suit your riding style.

Best Tri Shorts (Updated)

A must for any novice or expert triathlete is to invest in the best tri shorts you can buy. If you are not a fan of wearing a full tri suit on race day then you really only have the option of wearing separates.

Given the fact that you are going to be flat out for the duration of the race you are going to need some kit you can rely on to help you in your quest for your next personal best.

With this review of triathlon clothes we have focussed on quality tri shorts as opposed to the cheapest options, but still conscious that you don’t need to spend a fortune on gear either for both training and racing. The reasoning behind this is they will last you much longer and provide multiple benefits on race day.

I’ll break it down and show you our favorite shorts available today


Best Tri Shorts – Our Number One Pick

mens triathlon shortsZoot continue to produce the number one men’s triathlon shorts.

This pair really is world class and for the money, they are worth the investment.

Zoot tri shorts are designed for the pro’s but can be used by an absolute beginner and you will notice the difference from the first time you wear them.

The ZOOT SPORTS Men’s 8-Inch Tri Shorts are a great all-rounder and can be used during training and on race day.

The SBR 1D pad provides ultimate in comfort while racing or training, making the Zoot Men’s performance tri shorts the most comfortable shorts in triathlon.

These men’s compression style shorts are my go-to for every sprint triathlon race I compete in but can also be used as long distance tri shorts. The Seamlink stitching helps to minimize chafing whilst providing next to skin comfort and maximum stretch in the fabric – all making this the number one choice for Tri shorts.

Another thing to note is the comfort of the waistband. Unlike some other shorts on the market, these ones are amazingly comfortable and stay in place for the duration of the race – even under your wetsuit.


  • Stay comfortable and dry quickly with the Performance Endure fabric
  • Enhance breathability and stretch with the Endura 3D panels
  • Secure waist fit with the handy inside drawcord. Superb leg grips.
  • Integra SBR 1D pad construction
  • Nutrition storage in convenient hip holster pockets for energy bars or gels
  • 8” (20.3cm) inseam

 Best Triathlon Shorts – A Very Close Second

Next up is the Louis Garneau Pro 8 Men’s Shorts.  

Designed from first-grade materials the Louis Garneau PRO8 shorts are top of the line men’s tri shorts when it comes to comfort – both on race day and during heavy-duty training sessions both in and out of the water.  

The multitude of different materials that make up these shorts all plays a vital role in their performance and are a great all rounder even just as running shorts.

Delfino is a material that breathes, wicks effectively and provides superior ventilation during your ride or run.  

This fabric has been noted to provide exceptional aerodynamic properties along with added compression to enhance support for your muscles.

The biggest benefit in our eyes is the ability of the material to resist water absorption.  

This will keep you drier for longer, while on the run or bike stage of any race, or indeed while you are out training for the big day.

Finally, the Carbon-X Mesh built into the rear of the shorts provides adequate muscular support but also provides better blood flow.

best tri shorts

Another great feature of the Louis Garneau PRO 8 tri shorts is the 4-way stretchable chamois pad.  This clever piece of kit is lightweight but very comfortable on both long and short distances.

It is quick drying and provides great comfort during the bike and run, but does not hamper you in any way during the swim.


Louis Garneau is known worldwide for the quality workmanship.  These shorts are no exception.  Built from quality material with all the latest design features you can be sure that once you try these out you will never look back.

Features to look out for

If you are the hunt for a new pair of triathlon shorts then you can’t go wrong with any of the brands above.

There are a few features you need to look out for when choosing tri shorts.  Number one on our list is comfort and durability. You wear these shorts from start to finish at every race so they need to work in more ways than one.

Compression tri shorts can actually help with injury prevention because they are supporting your muscles as you run.The well-designed compression and elastic material clings to your legs and keeps everything under control. Couple this with a good pair of compression socks and you will feel like a superhero…

First up, you are going to wearing them under your wetsuit so they need to stay in place but not be so bulky or loose fitting that they end up in places they were not designed for. They need to be quick drying when you hit the bike because regardless of how good your wetsuit is they are going to get wet and after competing in a few races you will notice the difference to your ‘undercarriage’ if they do not dry off in the wind on the bike. It’s not a very pleasant feeling let me tell you.

They need a fairly good waistband.  Because they are not all in one tri suits or bib style shorts you need the band to help them stay up. This goes for all parts of the race.

Seems a bit odd mentioning it but there is nothing worse than having to keep pulling up your shorts while you are hammering down the road during a race.

  • Stay in position under your triathlon wetsuit.
  • Stay up when you are on the bike and give you adequate compression on your thighs
  • Hold in place when running but give you enough freedom of movement to let you run unhindered

You also need to focus on the leg grippers on your shorts.

They need to be tight enough to avoid slipping but comfortable enough to get you through a lengthy ride.  Some of the cheaper pairs you can buy will sort of stick to your legs and chafe while you are riding even short distances, so best to avoid this at all costs.

The next thing you need to focus on is comfortable, but durable padding.

Your ride distances will always vary in length but you want to be as comfortable as possible even on shorter rides.  Having checked the reviews on each of these shorts you can be sure that they will provide the level of comfort you would expect from quality triathlon shorts. While the padding is important on the bike section of the race you don’t want too much or it will hinder you when running. There is a fine balance here but any of the brands shown take this into consideration.

Another important factor to consider is how the tri shorts are made. Are there loads of seams in the material? This may give you a great look to the shorts, but if the seams are thick and in the wrong places you are going to suffer from considerable chaffing one you start racing.

The Zoot shorts above have multiple types of material as part of their makeup but if you look closely you will notice that the seams don’t run into any confined or pinch point areas when you wear them. This allows the manufacturers to add in breathable and compression areas to the shorts to help you every step of the way.

The seams should be flush on the inside and clear of any areas like the crotch etc. There are seams around the padding in the seat of the shorts but internally you will notice these are flush with the material to again, avoid chaffing etc.

If you want to extend the lifetime of your tri shorts then try and hand wash them after every ride or run and only put them through the washing machine after five or six uses.

A good soaking in warm to hot water with some soap is enough to keep your shorts clean are presentable.  The more they go through the washing machine the shorter lifespan they will have.  Do make sure to wash them thoroughly though if you do decide to hand wash them.

Tri shorts are not for everybody and the majority of athletes prefer a full tri suit on race day but it is really up to you which one you prefer. We opt for both options and it really depends on weather conditions and the length of the race we are competing in.

Just remember if you go for tri shorts then get yourself a decent tri top to match.

This review could cover hundreds of pairs of tri shorts so we have just selected some of our favourites based on customer feedback and reader reviews.

If you have a favourite pair that you feel should be on the list then leave us a comment below and we will gladly have a look and see if it should be featured here.

We hope you like our Best Tri Shorts review and if you are interested there is plenty more Triathlon info here to keep you busy reading.

Thanks for visiting and happy racing.  Remember to leave a comment if you have experience with any of the products listed here.

Your feedback is key to us keeping up to date with the latest gear and recommendations.  We are here to provide honest feedback and quality reviews without bias so let us know what you think.

Also, hit one of the share buttons and help us spread the word to other Triathletes across the world.

anti blister socks for running

Best Running Socks to prevent Blisters

It’s happened to us all at some stage when racing and can do untold damage to your feet and to your finish times.

The dreaded blister…

When I started out running and competing in triathlon races I didn’t have any sort of a budget to spend on top of the line equipment and used an old pair of runners and some basic socks on race day. This is not uncommon and we always tell people starting out not to invest too much of their hard earned money on new equipment in case they don’t stick to the sport.

When I got to the finish line after my first race you could have boiled a pot of water with my feet they were that hot and blistered. This was caused by a combination of ill-fitting runners and some very cheap socks.

Skip forward to today and I have solved the issue of blisters on my feet when out running because I invested in a decent pair of runners that actually fit and some anti-blister socks.

I had no idea these even existed until I started researching but once I found them, ran a few races and binned all my old cheap socks I was a very happy man with very happy feet… Here are our top nine options for anti blister socks.

The best anti Blister Socks for running short and long distance

What causes blisters on your feet when running

There are several ways you can get blisters on your feet and for this section, we are going to look at your running socks.

Most cheap socks have a seam around the toe section of the sock which causes rubbing when you run. You get blisters on the tops of your toes and at the front of your toes just below the nails because the sock is moving about when you run and grinding off the top of the inside of your runners.

It doesn’t take too long for this rubbing action to cause blisters and once you get them there is nothing you can do when racing to fix this problem.

All good anti-blister socks have seamless toe sections so this is never going to be a problem.

Another cause of blisters is lack of padding in the heel section of your socks. Again cheap socks do nothing to prevent this but if you invest in a good pair of purpose made socks you will notice straight away they all have some sort of padding around the heels.

This helps in two ways: a) more blisters on your heels and b) additional comfort while running that helps with fatigued feet.

Looking after your feet on race day

One thing that can cause blisters when you are out racing is runners that don’t fit. A loose pair of runners that wiggle about when you run are a sure fire way to carve the heels off yourself and cause serious damage to your feet. If you are serious about the sport of triathlon or competitive running you should definitely invest some time in getting your feet measured properly before you buy a new pair of runners.

Another common cause of sore feet is not drying them properly after you finish your race. If you pick any of the running socks mentioned above this won’t be so much of a problem because they have good wicking properties and draw the moisture away from your feet.

It may seem like a small thing to worry about but after all your training and preparation for race day why would you let something as small as a pair of socks upset and hamper your running form.

You will feel much better at the end of the race, your feet will still be in tip-top condition and you will be all set for your next race…

Our Top Choice – Pure Athlete Ultra-Comfortable Running Socks

If we were to pick just one pair of socks we couldn’t live without then they would be the Ultra Comfortable socks by Pure Athlete.

These socks are super comfortable and well made. They have just enough padding in the toes and heel section to provide you with plenty of comfort, without feeling too heavy or bulky. They fit very well and don’t move about when you are running.

They wick away moisture when you run and keep your feet as dry as possible.

I used to suffer from blisters and sort of hated the run section of every race because my feet would end up in bits after it. Not anymore though with these little beauties. I haven’t had a single blister since I started wearing them and have run various distances to test them out fully.

They also have a non-slip cuff at the tops and this helps your socks sliding down into your runners or hiking shoes.

I wear these socks for running, hiking and hill walking and even if I’m just out for a long walk.

Trust me – your feet will love you if you get a pair…






Best Triathlon Suit Review 2018

best triathlon suitThere is no doubt that a good quality triathlon suit can help you on race day.

The fact that you can wear it from start to finish helps reduce transition times as you whip off the wetsuit and just keep going.

When it comes to selecting a tri suit there are a few important things to look out for which we cover in this article.

Are looking for the most comfortable tri suit, a suit that you can wear under your triathlon wetsuit, or a tri suit you can use for all three stages of the competition.

Straight away we recommend the following triathlon suits. The SLS CMX Men’s Trisuit is awesome value for money and the De Soto Forza suit is top of the line when it comes to quality, comfort and durability.

You can spend anything from fifty dollars up to over two hundred dollars for the top of the line triathlon suits. Because it can be a tough choice to make we have put together this list to get you started in your decision process.

We may not cover all the best triathlon suits but hope you can find something here that suits you.  These are the most popular on the market at the moment.


Our Top 11 Triathlon Suits for 2017

Louis Garneau Comp Suit - Men's Grey / Orange Large
With chlorine-resistant Lycra X-Life; Ventilation, stretchability, support; 2 mesh back pockets with flap
Orca Men's Core Tri Race Suit - 2015 (Black/White, Large)
Aquaglide fabric with Orca Enduro water-repellent coating improves glide through the swim.
Synergy Men's Triathlon Trisuit (Red/Black 19, Medium)
TRIMS - Flatlock stitching throughout. 2 mesh pockets in the back.
TYR 88TCMSXP6AL M Pad Front Zip Trisuit Swimwear, Black/Grey, Large
Made using the highest quality materials; Tested to give you the edge in all your activities
PEARL IZUMI Men's Elite Pursuit Tri Speed Suit
Spring/summer 2017; ELITE transfer Aero fabric is strategically placed for superior aerodynamics
Zoot Men's Performance Tri Race Suit, Black Camouflage, Large
Performance Endura+ fabric to HELP you stay dry and comfortable; Teksheen bio wrap gripper-free hem
2XU Men's Compression Trisuit
Front Semi-Lock Zipper; ICE X fabric technology with Xylitol and IR blocking for exceptional cooling



Best Triathlon Suit – What to look for

A great question and the answer is – it depends.  We have created this triathlon suit guide to give you an idea of the most popular in the range and compare features.

Finding a quality triathlon suit

The first suit I bought was a real beginner special. It cost about $30 and while it did last a few races there was no comparison when I upgraded to a more reputable brand.

Straight away I noticed the fit was much better. The leg grips on the original suit were crude silicone bands that were tight enough to nearly cut off all circulation to my legs. The newer suit – a Pearl Izumi had silicone free ends on the shorts and it was the material itself that held them in place.

Padding and movement

The next thing I noticed was the padding. The old shorts had a very thin flimsy padding, which was torture on the bike section of the race and didn’t conform too well to the undercarriage areas. This was very noticeable when trying to run as it sort of wobbled all over the place.

With the upgraded shorts the bike ride was much better. It was like wearing a pair of really good bike shorts but without the overly padded area that would have hampered my run performance in stage 3 of the race.

I have used this for sprint triathlons and as a long distance tri short as well and they never let me down.

Material Makeup

All tri shorts are made from synthetics and one thing to be wary of is if the manufacturer uses any sort of chemical coating on the material to provide performance improvements. This can be great when they are new but after a few washes the chemicals dissipate and the advantage goes down the drain.

If this is a concern to you then get yourself a pair of the De Soto’s I mentioned at the start of the article as they perform the same way from day one until they wear out.

Also look at the seams. On cheaper triathlon suits the stitching can be very weak and cause irritation to the skin, especially around the zipper area. The better quality brands have overcome this by adding internal cover for the zipper and enhanced stitching to keep you chafe-free.

You also need to consider the UV properties of the suit. Chances are you are going to get caught out in the sun at some stages of the race so make sure you are protected.

The last thing we want to say on the material of your tri suit is to check how it handles chlorine. If like me you train in your gear to get used to the feel of everything then try to avoid swimming in the pool too much. The chlorine has a tendency to break down the synthetic fabrics over time.

Tri Suit Color

One quick tip to add to this post is to watch out for the color of the tri suit you pick. They come in all different colors but try and avoid a suit with white shorts sections because they will show the marks left from your saddle over time and there is no way to get this out.

This won’t really matter if you are a pro and get free tri suits from your sponsor, but if you are like the rest of us, then you buy quality kit that has to last season after season so go for something that will stand the test of time and plenty of personal bests along the way.

synergy tri suitSynergy Men’s Triathlon Trisuit – Best Value

We came across the Synergy Tri suit a while ago and because of all the great reviews, we decided we had to check it out.

A great fit, comfortable all over and it has a quality Gel pad for long distance racing but doesn’t compromise you on the run to the finish line.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features of this great value tri suit:

  • NeoGel pad with anti-microbial fleece
  • Modesty panel for comfort and support
  • Semi-compression in the legs, Soft leg gripper
  • 3/4 Adjustable zipper, Large armholes to prevent chafing
  • Flat Lock stitching throughout, 2 mesh pockets in the back

I was wearing the XL suit as I am over 6ft and weight a bit more than I should and this suit fits perfectly. The material is solid enough but comfortable and the leg grips stayed put for the whole race without ripping the legs off you like some other suits.

Would I buy another one? Absolutely and probably will, to have a spare suit on hand.

Price wise you probably won’t find a better deal than this one on Amazon so go check it out and look the part next time you hit the start line.

 Tri Suit Care

There are many suggestions about caring for your tri suit.  You spend quite a few hard earned dollars on a good quality tri suit so you need to look after it.  When washing your tri suit make sure you wash it on a cold wash without strong detergent.  Hang to dry and never put it in the tumble dryer.  I hear a lot of people wear theirs in the shower and wash them down with baby shampoo.  Not a bad idea as the shampoo contains very little in the way of chemicals so won’t corrode your suit.

Thanks for checking out our Tri Suit reviews.  Be sure to check out our other reviews here

best triathlon watch

Best Triathlon Watch 2017 (Updated)

2017 best triathlon watchOne thing I put off for quite a while when I got into Triathlon was a decent triathlon watch.  Looking back I should have invested way earlier as I know can’t live without one.

I had a computer on my bike – and still do, a decent GPS app on my phone which tracked runs and bike rides but its was a bit of a pain to monitor because you have to keep unlocking your phone to check out how you are doing as you go.  

I made the plunge and invested in a Timex Ironman GPS enabled watch as an intro and have never looked back.  

I put this post together to help you decide on the best triathlon watch that suits you and your budget.  You could look at different models all day and spend any amount of hard-earned dollars on a set-up so make sure you get the feature set you need to help you track your way to a new PB.

Lets now look at some of the most popular triathlon watches available today.

Best Triathlon Watches for the 2017 Season

Our Best Selling Triathlon Watch is the Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch. If you are looking for a watch for your next Tri then the Vívoactive is just what you need. 

Loaded with features and expert timing this watch will help you on your way to your next personal best.

As you get more into triathlon your watch will become a lifeline for you.  Just look at any race and you will notice that at the start line all of the serious racers will hit the start button just before they jump into the water.  As the race goes on they rely on their triathlon watches to guide their pace, distance and heart rate.  This keeps the competitor on track and stops them potentially overdoing it on any of the stages.

Best Triathlon Watch – Our top watch choice

best triathlon watchTriathlon timing and data from each race becomes a bit of an obsession so with that in mind you will want the best triathlon watch available to make sure you have everything covered.  The Garmin 910XT will become you new best friend on race day.  This GPS-enabled device will track swim metrics and distance covered, pace of swimming, running or on the bike, elevation and heart rate.  It has an oversized display that is very easy to read while you are racing.

Best Triathlon Watch – Swimming 

The Garmin 910XT is designed for both pool and open water swimming and is water resistant to 50m.  You go any deeper than that and your watch is thee last of your worries.  It offers extensive metrics for the swim section of your triathlon race.  Distance, stroke count, stroke identification and number of lengths are some of the features on the Garmin.  It also has the unique ability to gauge your swim efficiency.

Because it’s GPS-enabled, the Forerunner 910XT even captures the path you traveled so you can view it later on a map in the Garmin Connect free online community.  This feature can help you analyze your open water swimming and adjust your technique as needed.

Best Triathlon Watch – One Button Transition.

A superb feature is the one button press to transition to your next section of the race.  This will save precious seconds when you leave the water or transition from the bike to the run.  Many times I’ve seen athletes fumbling with their watches while trying to get to transition.  It sports an optional quick release mount that lets you move the 910 from your wrist and mount it on the bike.  You can now check your time while hammering down the road at full tilt without lifting your head to look at your wrist.

Best Triathlon Watch – Time for the Bike

best triathlon watch

The 910XT is the first in the Garmin range to provide a barometric altimeter providing highly accurate elevation data.  This includes ascent, descent and also grade.  This multisport device sports many of the features you get in Garmin’s advanced cycling computers so is jam-packed with everything you could need out on the bike.

You can also configure vibrating alerts to notify you when to take some nutrition like gels etc.  When you hit a split or keep you within range of hitting a pre-planned target or goal.  Even with all of these features you still get an impressive twenty hours of battery life so fits in nicely if you are competing at IronMan distance events.

If you have a favorite triathlon watch that you can’t live without then let us know and we may add it to the list.  We can’t obviously cover off every  style here so just picked the ones we feel are top quality for the money.

Also we would appreciate you hitting one of the share buttons and spreading the word if you feel that this post on women’s bike shorts is of value to you or perhaps to one of you friends.

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Looking for more swim,bike or run gear.  Check out our best triathlon gear homepage for all the latest reviews and deals available online today

Backpacks and Gym Bags for Women

GazTriManSprint Distance Triathlete. Swim, Bike, Run, Fitness. IronMan is on the cards for 2018. Love the tech behind triathlon equipment and spend far too much time testing everything out so you don’t have to!!

Gym Bags for Women

When looking for gym bags for women you need to focus on a few key things. What sort of gym gear will you be putting into the bag, wet or dry, will it be for indoor use or going to be thrown out on the ground in the rain, and how big does it need to be.

Women’s gym bags come in many shapes and sizes so have a think about what you actually need to carry before you jump in and buy the nicest looking one.  It might look super trendy but not much use if you have to carry a second bag to carry the rest of your gym gear.  When you pick out a gym bag there are a few things that are a must for any good gym session.  We have compiled a top ten list at the bottom of this post – be sure to check it out.


Sports Gym Tote Bag

Under Armour Women's

adidas Women's Fearless Club Bag

Hot Blue Gym Bag

adidas Women's Diablo Duffle

Extreme Pak 18" 600D Pink Sport Bag

Ever Moda Tote Bag


Some other features you might want to look for.  Does it have a wet clothes compartment for swim suits and wet towels.  Is it easy to clean and keep germ free. Will you need to lock the bag or will it be stowed in a secure locker room while you are off training.

We have put together a high level review of our top choices for gym bags for women.  Let us know what you think and if you have a great bag that is not on our list then reach out and we may add it in.


Gym Bags for Women – Ten things you need in your gym bag

Here are ten things you should have in your gym bag for every workout.

women's gym bags

Coming in at number one is Workout Clothes. No point in going to the gym in your work clothes or trendy pin skirt. You might look cool but it won’t do you any good when you hit the treadmill, stepper or weights. Get something thats comfortable, fits well, wicks out sweat and keeps you cool while you power on.  There is a great selection of women’s gym clothing on Amazon and if you look about you will find everything you need, sometimes with great discounts – up to 70% in some cases so go take a look.  Stick to the better brands if you can because if you are like me in the gym then your clothes are going to get hammered so you don’t want them to fall apart – especially in the middle of a workout.  Pick something light but flexible, hardwearing but comfortable and make sure it can be thrown into the washing machine with just about anything so it doesn’t sit in a pile until you wash something the same color. Cotton socks and a good sports bra are also essential items so pick them up while you are at it.

Number two on the list is shoes. Shoe selection depends on what you are doing in the gym and the list goes on for miles. One shoe we always lean towards is the PUMA Women’s Shintai Runner Cat Cross-Training Shoe This awesome all rounder is perfect for every style of workout. The EVA foam midsole with multi-directional flex grooves offer versatile performance all over the gym.  Because the list and styles of women’s gym shoes is so extensive you need to think about what your primary objective in the gym is going to be, but also what you do exercise wise outside of the gym.  Are you a big runner, track or cross-country or do you just go for long walks and want a pair of runners that will suit for both the gym and outdoor use.

bags for women's gymUp next is a shaker or water bottle. If you are serious in the gym you will be consuming protein of some sort while you train. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a proper shaker. It will save you chugging down lumps of unmixed protein shake. We really like this one from BlenderBottle. When you start to train properly and depending on your focus you might start taking protein or supplements.  This is something that you will have to do some research on to make sure you get the right balance.  You don’t want to take protein or supplements that will bulk you up if you are trying to slim down and tone.  you should also make sure that you purchase all of these from a reputable supplier as sometimes you can get knock-off variations that are produced in places that do not follow any of the regulations or standards associated with producing health products.  Whatever route you take make sure you read the label and that the product suits your needs.

gym-towelYou will want to bring your own towel with you for your workout. You wouldn’t sit on an machine covered in sweat so don’t expect anybody else to either. Nothing fancy required here, just something you can fit in your bag that cover the seat of each machine you use. This ultra absorbent towel from Reebok is just the ticket.  It is worth spending a few dollars on a decent towel because the last thing you want is to be jamming a big bulky bathroom towel into your gym bag every time you leave the house.  You might think this is a gimmick but trust me it is worth the spend.

If like us you are into your tunes then you will need to get yourself some sports headphones for working out. Nothing big and clunky that will catch in pretty much everything as you train. You want to go for something sleek and low profile that almost becomes invisible while you work out. These earphones from Pioneer are absolutely superb and great value for the sound quality.  They hook around your ears nicely and will stay in place when you hit the running machines.  You often see people training with big bulky headphones.  You also see them spending most of the time pushing them back onto the heads because they keep slipping off.

Tip: Headphones falling out of your ears is very distracting and will cause you to break your rhythm so again its worth investing in a suitable pair of headphones for the gym.

stuff for women's gym bagsYou will also need something to hold your iPhone or other device securely to your arm while you train. If you are looking for quality then you need to check out TuneBelt. They have a great selection of gear in multiple styles for a multitude of device types.  If you don’t fancy having one of these on your arm then look for a pair of gym shorts that has a zipper pocket that will hold your phone of MP3 player.  It can be a real pain having to hold one of these whilst you are running.  You also run the risk of having headphone cables hanging about that you will inevitably rip out of your ears while in full stride.

gym shampooYou will want to shower after your workout Here is a handy set with Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, body lotion. They are a perfect size for your gym bag and designed to get rid of the smell of chlorine after you swim.  One of the beauties of this set is that it takes up very little room in your gym bag and for what you get in the set its quite inexpensive.

gym bags for womenOne thing that is a must in the gym is a pair of flip-flops. You may very well have the cleanest feet on the planet, but that does not mean that the person who just walked ahead of you does. Get a pair of these and save on picking up multiple foot problems while you walk around the changing room. This particular pair are also very handy on the yoga mat.  This particular pair are suitable for both the pool and the beach so you get multiple uses out of the same pair.  They have a very handy anti-slip sole to stop you ice skating across the floor on the way to the pool.  Make sure you read details on each option before you make a purchase as you need them to be anti-slip for pool use.

polar heat rate monitorWhen you get serious about your training you will want to time your workouts and start monitoring heart rate when working through your cardio sets. We could post details on well over 100 training watches but have decided to just go for this one as it is awesome and does everything you need anyway.  The women’s Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is exactly what you need to monitor and manage a good workout.  It will really help to keep you on track during each session.  It has a Smart Calorie feature that uses your personal information to provide you with details of calories burned on each workout.  The watch comes with a soft fabric heart rate chest strap that mould and adapts to your body shape – giving you all the info you need straight away.

The last thing on our list is a workout log. There are numerous distractions in the gym so do yourself a favor and pull together a properly organized workout log. You will want to record times, weight, sets and rest periods. Comes in very handy when you can check back on recorded weights so you can push yourself and pile on more…

We hope you like our ‘Ten things you need in your gym bag’ and our gym bags for women reviews list. Feel free to add in a comment if you think there is some essential items that should be on this list. Or just let us know what goes in your gym bag and why.

Thanks for stopping by our best gym bags for women info and we hope you got something valuable from this post.  We also have a post on the Best Triathlon Bags available so if triathlon is your thing then be sure to check that post out.

Cheers, and happy training…

Women’s Tri Suit Review

Picking the right tri suit you are comfortable in and can compete without having to worry about chafing, itching  scratching or any other irritation while you are out on the race can be a bit of a challenge.

There is enough to worry about without adding to it.

We have picked out a few of the best from our tri suit women category that we feel will give you the comfortable edge on race day.

Whether it is a 2 piece tri suit or an all in one you have come to the right place.


Zoot Sports Women's Performance Tri BYOB Racesuit, Large, Black/Pacific
11 Reviews
Zoot Sports Women's Performance Tri BYOB Racesuit, Large, Black/Pacific
  • Dual Hip Holster pockets for nutrition storage
  • Performance Endura fabric to help you stay dry and comfortable
  • Bring-Your-Own-Bra
  • NEW - Teksheen BIO wrap gripper-free hem
  • SeamLink stitch construction ensures next-to-skin comfort, minimizes chafing and stretches with fabric
Louis Garneau Women's Tri Elite Course Suit
  • One-piece technology: Minimum number of seams for enhanced aerodynamics and minimized risks of irritation
  • 15"/38 cm comfort zip with inner flap
  • Inner flap protects skin from the zip Comfort designed armholes and neck
  • Accomodate full range of motion Lazer-finished hem at thigh
  • finish Inseam: 10.5"/26.5cm
2XU Women's Active Tri Suit, Black/Cherry Pink, Large
23 Reviews
2XU Women's Active Tri Suit, Black/Cherry Pink, Large
  • Sbr skin x Technology boosts performance, support and recovery with 70D Elastane fabric
  • High Fil mesh paneling on the front and back provides breathability and full range of motion
  • Flat lock stitching creates a streamlined look, enhancing comfort while reducing chafe
  • The quick-drying, Ultra-thin speed line chamois has the essential padding you need while riding
  • Silicone-free Y elastic grip keeps your tri suit comfortably in place with two rear pockets are ideal for storing fuel
Pearl Izumi Women's Pro Tri Sprint Suit, Small, Black
8 Reviews
Pearl Izumi Women's Pro Tri Sprint Suit, Small, Black
  • Fall/Winter 2013
  • Read the care content label on the inside of your garment for specific instructions; use simple detergents with no additives.
PEARL IZUMI Women's Elite Pursuit Tri Suit
16 Reviews
PEARL IZUMI Women's Elite Pursuit Tri Suit
  • ELITE transfer In-R-Cool fabric powered by cold black provides superior cooling and reflective Sun Protection
  • ELITE transfer In-R-Cool fabric features Lycra Sport that helps garments maintain original compression levels
  • ELITE transfer Aero fabric is strategically placed for superior aerodynamics, separate bra top offers maximum support and allows easy on/off access of the suit
  • Merrow stitch construction for superior next-to-skin comfort, 10 inch
  • Two back easy access Envelope pockets, TRI quick-dry chamois, 9 inch

No products found.

SUGOi Women's RPM Tri Suit, Black, Medium
7 Reviews
SUGOi Women's RPM Tri Suit, Black, Medium
  • Zone construction features mesh panel inserts for airflow and breathability
  • Flat seams for increased comfort and abrasion resistance
  • Front zip for extra ventilation on hot rides and runs
  • Fabric Type :85% Nylon 15% Spandex
2XU Women's Perform Trisuit with Front Zip, Small, Black/Amethyst
16 Reviews
2XU Women's Perform Trisuit with Front Zip, Small, Black/Amethyst
  • Two rear angled mesh storage pockets
  • 105 denier circular knit compression for incredible strength, durability + muscle stabilization
  • High comfort, low profile superfit powermesh waistband for breathability + a firm, flat fit
  • Flocked inner leg opening for comfort
  • Anti-chaffe fusion bonded seams
Orca Women's Core Tri Race Suit (Black/Turquoise, Large)
  • Aquaglide fabric with Orca Enduro water-repellent coating improves glide through the swim
  • Vapour side panels combined with a Soft Mesh back panel provides breathability where you need it
  • 6mm women-specific Italian Tri-Support chamois with 70kg density and fast wicking
  • Built-in Zip Front Tri internal bra features an Aquaglide front panel for increased support
  • Two rear covered pockets centred across the lower back give you plenty of room to store the nutritio

If you have used any other ladies tri suit then let us know and we will review it.  If suitable we will add it to the list and publish it here.  If you would like to write a review on any women’s tri suit then even better.  Let us know and we will add it to this page.

You can also check out the full selection of women’s tri suits over on Amazon.

Click here for the details.


Thanks and happy running.


Best Sunglasses for Triathlon (Updated)

best sunglasses for triathlonOne item that I swear by is my trusty sunglasses.  Whether it’s out on the bike section or during the run these are a must.  

There is nothing worse that getting a stray fly or a bit of grit in your eyes when you are flying down the road on your bike.  It’s hard enough to keep the pace as it is without having to perform some minor eye surgery while going at 50 kilometres an hour on your tri bike.  

Or when you are out on the run section of the race and are in the zone.  You don’t want to have to worry about something as simple as dirt in you eyes impacting a chance to get a personal best…

You might be lucky enough to have a built-in visor on your helmet that removes the need for sunglasses for cycling.  

You can check out some of our Giro triathlon helmets if that is a requirement.  If not then you should invest in a quality pair of sports sunglasses as a priority.

Our Top 10 Triathlon Sunglasses

Oakley Men's OO9212 M2 Frame Shield Sunglasses, Redline/Violet Red Iridium, 29 mm
Microbag included to clean and store your Oakley sunglasses.
IRONMAN Driven Sport Sunglasses
100% UVA/UVB Protection coating; Polarized; Plastic Frame and Lenses
JiMarti TR22 Sport Wrap TR90 Sunglasses UV400 Unbreakable Protection for Cycling, Ski or Golf (Black & Grey)
Beautiful styling in addition to UV400 protection & Unbreakable TR90 frame; Perfect for Cycling, Skiing, Golf, Running & all Power Sports
Cycling Triathlon Running 10k Clothing Xloop Red Sunset Sunglasses
Lens: Sunset / Mirror - Reduces glare, commonly used in outdoor applications.; Frame: High Impact
Tifosi Jet 0210400677 Wrap Sunglasses,Metallic Silver Frame/Smoke & Blue Lens,One Size
Shatterproof, optically decentered polycarbonate lenses
Under Armour Men's Core 2.0 Sunglasses White / Gray Lens 69 mm
Multiflection lens coating guards against scratches & smudges; Airflow technology keeps you cool & comfortable
Bolle Spiral Sunglasses, TNS Gun, Shiny Black/Green
Anti-slip nose piece; Anti-slip temples; Frame venting System; Wrapped temples; Optical class 1 with 100 percent UV Protection

Best Sunglasses for Triathlon,Running and Cycling

Not all sunglasses are equal and when looking for a decent pair you want to make sure they stay in place while you are active.  These come in the modern style of wrap around sunglasses.  

Face hugging frames make sure they stay in place while you are head down cycling out on the course or track, or bouncing down the road during the final run section of any race.

Let’s take a look at out top Three sunglasses for running

First up are the superb entry level Xloop Silver Sunglasses.  If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses on a budget then you can’t go wrong with these little beauties.  

For something, at this low price point, these are a great start.  

When starting out I didn’t really have a proper place to store all my triathlon gear so things tended to get smashed a fair bit.  At this price, they were great because I bought a few pairs to keep me going.

They have both plastic frames and plastic lenses that are not polarised.  But again for the money what do you expect.  All in all a great entry level pair of sports glasses and should be part of your kit from day one, and also as you progress – even as a spare pair.

All in all a great entry level pair of sports glasses and should be part of your kit from day one, and also as you progress – even as a spare pair.

Next up are the Tifosi Tyrant 2.0’s.  These sports running and cycling sunglasses are top quality and come with all the features you would expect from Tifosi.

The Tifosi brand set out with the mantra that you should have all the features of a really expensive pair of sports sunglasses without the astronomical price point.  And this still stands today.  

The Tyrant glasses have managed to capture this.  Solid on your face when running on the trails, yet lightweight and super comfy when riding the bike.

If you are looking for quality without spending the life savings then these are the sports sunglasses for you.

The final pair we want to review are the Oakley Mens Half Jacket 2.0 Iridium Sunglasses.  With Oakley you never have to worry about quality.  They are at the pinnacle of sunglasses design and produce world class leading kit.

The Iridium coating on the lenses is designed to reflect bright light and aid your vision when running or cycling into the sun.  The curved shape of the lenses helps these little beauties from Oakley stay firmly in place on your face when active and although a bit pricier than the other brands we have mentioned above will provide that extra you need on race or competition day.

Looking after your triathlon sunglasses.

Like everything, if you don’t look after your sunnies they will get damaged, scratched or broken just when you need them the most. A lot of things happen during a race that can cause you to ‘forget’ about the little things. 

For instance:

You don’t wear your sunglasses when you are swimming and they are left in the transition area. Make sure they are stored somewhere safe because the chances are that somebody will hit transition before you and if you leave them lying on the ground beside your bike they may get squashed as another athlete runs by with his bike.

I have a set of carbon TT bars on my bike and when racked I flip my helmet and leave it resting on the bars. I put my sunnies inside this to keep them safe. I don’t have a visor on my helmet as I prefer wearing sunglasses when racing.

Stick on your sunnies, then your helmet and off you go. 

Chances are you will continue to wear these for the run section of the race it’s just a matter of taking off your helmet, changing into your runners and off you go again.

Post Race – Cleaning your sunglasses

After the race, it’s important to give your sunglasses a good cleaning with a soft chamois to remove any dirt or grime. If like me you sweat a lot when racing so they are going to be pretty rough when you hit the finish line.

This is especially important if your swim was in the ocean because you will be leaching salt and this can really affect the condition of the lenses if not cleaned off properly.

Any decent set of triathlon glasses will come with their own case so pop them back into this and put them away until the next race comes around. 

If you want to wear them all the time then I suggest you get yourself a second pair and keep one pair locked away for racing only because even with the best will in the world you will eventually break them, so don’t leave yourself stuck on race day.

You can check out the full range of sports cycling and running sunglasses here on Amazon. Why Amazon?? Best prices and guaranteed quality every time.