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Triathlon Wetsuit Reviews

Are you looking for advice on a  wetsuit for a triathlon? These triathlon wetsuit reviews should give you a good idea where to start.  

Whether you are looking for the most comfortable triathlon wetsuit or the sleekest suit you will have plenty of choice. You can also spend anything from one hundred dollars up to about six hundred dollars for a top of the line triathlon wetsuit and your choice will come down to a couple of things:

What level you compete at and how deep your pockets are.  

There are many advantages with going for the pricier suits but not everybody is willing to invest. Especially on day one.  What I would say is try and stretch yourself a bit from the outset as it will make all the difference come race day.  We may not cover everything in these triathlon wetsuit reviews but hope you can find something here that suits you.  These are the most popular suits on the market at the moment.

Our best Triathlon Wetsuits

TYR Men's Hurricane Wetsuit Category 1, Black/White, Large
Should fit snug, but not too tight; Form Fitting Wrist Cuffs; Quick Release Ankle Cuff; Speed Wrap Paneling
Blueseventy Helix Wetsuit
The stretchiest, most buoyant wetsuit on the market; Grip panels on arms for increased propulsion
ORCA Men's Openwater Triathlon Wetsuit Size 8
High Visibility Neon orange arms allow you to be extremely visible in the open water
TYR Sport Men's Category 3 Hurricane Wetsuit (Small)
Should fit snug, but not too tight; Free R.O.M. (range of motion) zones eliminate restriction in the shoulders & back
Zoot Sports Men's Z Force 3.0 Wetzoot, Black/Flash, Medium T
Yamamoto Glideflex grooved chest panel; Single layer comfort neck closure; Okd - Optimal Kick Design
2XU Men's A:1 Active Triathlon Wetsuit, Black/Vibrant Green, Small Tall
520% Stretch lining for full flexibility and range of motion
Zoot Sports Men's Z Force 1.0 Wetzoot, Black/Flash, X-Large
Should fit snug, but not too tight; Yamamoto C38; Aqualift in the seat area for bouyancy; Okd - Optimal Kick Design
O'Neill Mens 3/2mm Reactor Back Zip Full Wetsuit,Black, Large
Should fit snug, but not too tight; 3/2mm FluidFlex (tm)/Fluid Foam; Single Superseal Neck
Neo Sport Podium Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit, XL - Triathalon, Swimming & Racing
Should fit snug, but not too tight; NEOPRENE: Uses a premium ultra-light neoprene material to give a soft and comfortable fit.

triathlon wetsuit reviewsSomething that often gets overlooked is caring for your wetsuit.  

You will have made a substantial investment in a wetsuit so make sure you look after it.  The first thing you need to do post race is clean your wetsuit thoroughly.  

Wash it out with clean water – never wash it out in the sea, especially in the surf.  You will just be adding more sand into the mix.  

When you are drying your wetsuit make sure to dry it inside out.  Hang it on a wide hanger (available here) or fold it flat for storage.  If the zipper gets a bit tight the use bees wax to lubricate it.  Never use normal oil etc as this will have a detrimental effect on the material of the wetsuit.  If you take proper care of your wetsuit you will enjoy it for many races to come.  Happy racing…

Happy racing…

Here is a great video that shows you the correct way to put a wetsuit on.

triathlon wetsuit reviews

You also need to consider a decent set of swim goggles as part of your triathlon gear requirements.  

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Your swimming goggles play a very important part during the swim section of the race.

You need to make sure you have a pair you can rely on.  

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triathlon wetsuit reviewsSomething that is often overlooked is a decent triathlon transition bag to put all this gear into.  

We have a full review section of the best triathlon transition bags which you should check out.  

Look for one with a wetsuit compartment to keep everything else dry.