Best Running Socks to prevent Blisters

It’s happened to us all at some stage when racing and can do untold damage to your feet and to your finish times.

The dreaded blister…

When I started out running and competing in triathlon races I didn’t have any sort of a budget to spend on top of the line equipment and used an old pair of runners and some basic socks on race day. This is not uncommon and we always tell people starting out not to invest too much of their hard earned money on new equipment in case they don’t stick to the sport.

When I got to the finish line after my first race you could have boiled a pot of water with my feet they were that hot and blistered. This was caused by a combination of ill-fitting runners and some very cheap socks.

Skip forward to today and I have solved the issue of blisters on my feet when out running because I invested in a decent pair of runners that actually fit and some anti-blister socks.

I had no idea these even existed until I started researching but once I found them, ran a few races and binned all my old cheap socks I was a very happy man with very happy feet… Here are our top nine options for anti blister socks.

The best anti Blister Socks for running short and long distance

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What causes blisters on your feet when running

There are several ways you can get blisters on your feet and for this section, we are going to look at your running socks.

Most cheap socks have a seam around the toe section of the sock which causes rubbing when you run. You get blisters on the tops of your toes and at the front of your toes just below the nails because the sock is moving about when you run and grinding off the top of the inside of your runners.

It doesn’t take too long for this rubbing action to cause blisters and once you get them there is nothing you can do when racing to fix this problem.

All good anti-blister socks have seamless toe sections so this is never going to be a problem.

Another cause of blisters is lack of padding in the heel section of your socks. Again cheap socks do nothing to prevent this but if you invest in a good pair of purpose made socks you will notice straight away they all have some sort of padding around the heels.

This helps in two ways: a) more blisters on your heels and b) additional comfort while running that helps with fatigued feet.

Looking after your feet on race day

One thing that can cause blisters when you are out racing is runners that don’t fit. A loose pair of runners that wiggle about when you run are a sure fire way to carve the heels off yourself and cause serious damage to your feet. If you are serious about the sport of triathlon or competitive running you should definitely invest some time in getting your feet measured properly before you buy a new pair of runners.

Another common cause of sore feet is not drying them properly after you finish your race. If you pick any of the running socks mentioned above this won’t be so much of a problem because they have good wicking properties and draw the moisture away from your feet.

It may seem like a small thing to worry about but after all your training and preparation for race day why would you let something as small as a pair of socks upset and hamper your running form.

You will feel much better at the end of the race, your feet will still be in tip-top condition and you will be all set for your next race…

Our Top Choice – Pure Athlete Ultra-Comfortable Running Socks

If we were to pick just one pair of socks we couldn’t live without then they would be the Ultra Comfortable socks by Pure Athlete.

These socks are super comfortable and well made. They have just enough padding in the toes and heel section to provide you with plenty of comfort, without feeling too heavy or bulky. They fit very well and don’t move about when you are running.

They wick away moisture when you run and keep your feet as dry as possible.

I used to suffer from blisters and sort of hated the run section of every race because my feet would end up in bits after it. Not anymore though with these little beauties. I haven’t had a single blister since I started wearing them and have run various distances to test them out fully.

They also have a non-slip cuff at the tops and this helps your socks sliding down into your runners or hiking shoes.

I wear these socks for running, hiking and hill walking and even if I’m just out for a long walk.

Trust me – your feet will love you if you get a pair…