continental bike tires

Continental Bike Tires

When out on the bike you need bicycle tires and tubes you can trust.  The quality, speed and overall brilliance you get from continental bike tires is very hard to match.

Whether you are looking for an ultra slick race triathlon tire, tubular tires for triathlon or something a bit more rugged you don’t have to go any further than continental bicycle tires.  Prices vary for these bike tires and range from 20 dollars upwards.  It just depends on what you want the tires for really.

But one thing is for certain.  If you need a tire you can rely on then continental is top of the list.

Continental Bike Tires – Which one’s for you

Your bike tires are the last point of contact between you and the road so you need something you can trust.  There is nothing worse than going around a corner on you way to a personal best – in the rain – and you get that awful feeling as the bike starts to slip out from under you.

Continental Grand Prix Attack/Force Combo Pack 5 out of 5 stars

Continental have changed the game again with the introduction of the Attack/Force combo pack.  Sold as a set, the front tire – the Attack has a softer stickier tire compound.  This in itself will give you more confidence cornering at higher speeds due to the increased grip.  Made up of a 4-ply casing and having a 22mm cross section the Attack is lighter on the road and will give you lower wind resistance.

continental bike tiresThe rear tire – the Grand Prix Force Tire is designed for extended life with a thicker harder compound.  This tire features a 24mm casing with a 5-ply makeup for an improved ride quality and greater puncture resistance.  It also sports the Black Chili Compound which reduces rolling resistance and gives you confident grip on the road.  These are the best tires for a triathlon or any competitive racing

If you are serious about triathlon racing then you should be running a set of these.

Continental Grand Prix Attack/Force Combo TPS Bicycle Tire Set with Black Chili (700x22/24)
Vectran Breaker Technology: lighter, reinforcing tread protection; Black Chili Compound: faster, stickier, longer lasting

Continental Gatorskin Road Tire 4.5 out of 5 stars

continental ultra gatorskinThe Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Folding Tire is the ideal tire if you are into high mileage training, commuting or just weekend touring.  Some of the features of this tire that you expect from a quality manufacturer like Continental are the super gripping shoulders and its durable black carbon tread compound.  This tire rolls great but will look after you in the corners regardless of conditions.  The tread design stops the tire picking up all the rubbish and debris you come across while out on the road and its puncture resistant PolyX breaker and DuraSkin sidewalls will make sure that you go the distance when the rubber hits the road

Designed for long distance training, touring or just general commuting

Continental GatorskinDuraSkin Bicycle Tire (700x28, Wire Beaded, Black)
Continental Ultra Gatorskin 700x28c Wire Bead All Black.; Start off the season with new tires !

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Road Tire 5 out of 5 stars

continental grand prix 4 seasonThe Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Road Tire has been around for quite a while now but has still to be matched in terms of quality, reliability and value for money.  This sticky rubber compound really holds well on the road and these things are bulletproof when it comes to riding on bad surfaces, due to the layer of Vectran in the tire makeup.  These would have to be the best road bike tires on the market and are a firm favourite with cyclists the world over.

They come with the puncture resistant Duraskin which helps prevent punctures due to sidewall damage and if you do a lot of training then this is definitely the tire for you.  They are also foldable so you can always carry a spare, just in case.

The tires really are hard wearing and you can forget about punctures…

Continental Bike Tires – What else do I need.

One thing that is often overlooked when shopping for new tires is a decent inner tube.  Again this is where Continental shine.  They have a range of superior tubes that are right at home on any road, racing or TT bike.  The Continental Light 700 ticks all the boxes in terms of quality.

Fitting new Continental bike tires is very straight forward and below you will find two very handy videos showing you the exact method.  Just make sure you don’t pinch the inner tube when you are putting it in and press the tire firmly right above the valve when you are inflating it otherwise the tire may fall off the rim.

Mounting Continental Beaded Edge or Folding Tires

The first video in the series shows you how to mount a beaded edge or folding continental bike tire.  A simple enough process if you have the right technique

Removing Continental Beaded Edge or Folding Tires

The second video in the series shows you how to remove a beaded edge continental bicycle tire.  No harm in practising this a few times so you are comfortable with the process.  Will make all the difference on race day if you are unfortunate to get a puncture – but then again you are running on Continental so the chance of that happening is slim.

If you have a favourite in the range of continental bike tires on the bike that you can’t live without, then let us know and we may add it to the list.  We can’t obviously cover off every style here so just picked the ones we feel are top quality for the money.

You can view the full range of Continental tires and tubes here on Amazon.  Why Amazon – best prices we can find online today.

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