Giro Bike Helmets review

Giro Helmets started life in a garage belonging to bike racer and designer Jim Gentes in 1985. The first helmet that came out was the Giro Prolight.

This design was fine-tuned with the help of a friend at NASA. Giro sort of transformed the bicycle helmet world because their helmets were lighter, better looking and much better fitting than traditional bike helmets.

This set the standard in bike helmet design and today Giro bike helmets are worn by millions of cyclists and adventure sports people all over the world.

You can find a Giro on the head of anybody from a keen cyclist right through to a hardcore snowboarder.

Their style, function and quality keep them ahead of the game and should be on your list of must-haves for racing, triathlon or indeed just for a leisurely ride in the country.

Gyro have you covered.

Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

First up on our review is the Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet.  

This is a quality lightweight helmet that really looks the part.

The Savant comes with awesome style and performance that matches its superb value for such a great helmet. 

One of the key points that readers say about the Giro range is the way the helmet fits your head. 

Perfect fitting but you feel like you are not even wearing a helmet. 

Lightweight and because of the 25 wind tunnel air vents your head will also stay cool on those long and challenging rides.

The Giro Savant also sports the patented Roc Loc 5 fit and stability system which helps hold it in place.  

Because of its weight, comfort and vented style, this helmet is ideal for triathlon racing.  

Overall this helmet is one of our favorites.  

Suggested use: Enthusiast Road, Triathlon, Touring, Urban/Commute, Cruiser/Casual

Giro Bike Helmets | The Atmos

The Giro Atmos helmet was the first in the range to use the In-Mould Composite reinforcement system.

This really was a game changer is helmet design and styling. It allows for a much greater ventilation but does not in any way take from the strength or integrity of the helmet.

Also featuring the Roc Loc 5 system to help the helmet adjust to the contours of your head.

The Giro Atmos also features 26 wind tunnel vents to keep your head cool while in the zone. No helmet head for you with this little beauty. This low profile stylist helmet should also be on your wish list if you are on the lookout for a new cycling helmet.

Suggested Use: Road Race, Triathlon, MTB XC Race, Cyclocross, Enthusiast Road, Urban/Commute, Touring

Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet Matte Black

The Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet is in a different league from most other cycling helmets.  

This compact, super aerodynamic and exceptionally light helmet is designed to slice through the air.  Built for any style of cycling but a firm favourite in the triathlon circuit the Air Attack is a testament to the design and workmanship of Giro helmets

It comes with a magnetically attacked eye shield that provides a full wrap-around visor. 

This gives you a full spectrum view while you are flying down the road in both standard and aero positions. 

No limited view here like the one you get with sunglasses…  Comes with the quality fit that you would expect from a Giro and has the awesome looks to go with it.

It also keeps your head nice and cool while out on the bike.  Its superbly designed air flow vents push cool air throughout the helmet.  

One happy customer stated that he wears prescription glasses and found this style perfect because he can wear the glasses under the shield.  Quite possibly one of the nicest helmets on the market today.

You might want to consider getting yourself a spare lens for this little beauty, although they are very tough and durable so will last regardless.

Suggested Use: Road, Aero/Tri

Giro Advantage 2 Helmet

If you want to go for a fully fledged aero triathlon helmet then you need to be looking at the magnificent Giro Advantage 2 Helmet.  This design has stood the test of time and is one of the most popular triathlon helmets on the circuit.  

Popular for a very good reason – It is that good.

It is very common to see a podium finisher wearing a Giro Advantage 2 helmet. 

This helmet, which has been around in various guises for over a decade is the best of the best when it comes to triathlon aero helmets. 

Designed and tweaked in a wind tunnel to make sure you are getting the very best out of the design, you are sure to fly down the road when you wear one of these gems.

The advantage of the Giro aero helmet is all in the teardrop design which helps you cut through the air, but the secret lies in the fit and the awesome ventilation.  You won’t suffer from ‘helmet head’ when you wear a Giro Advantage. 

They have used 20 years of data to get the recipe for the latest Advantage 2 just right.

Another major component of the Giro is the Roc Loc 5 Fit System.  This allows you to make micro adjustments to the helmet fit – with one hand. 

You can adjust the fore and aft tilt as well so you get the setup just right for hitting the road fully aero.  The Roc Loc comes in nearly 40% lighter than similar competitor systems so you have a distinct weight advantage with this helmet as well.

Suggested Use: Time Trial, Triathlon

Giro Helmets have really raised the bar with their quality, style, comfort and fit.  

If you are looking for a new or a replacement bike helmet then you would be well advised to look at one of the Giro helmets.

Crafted from decades of knowledge and design expertise Giro have produced a full range of helmets you can trust, both on and off the race track.

You can check out the full range of Giro helmets here.  We use Amazon because we can’t find a better price anywhere else on the internet.

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